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MARKETING AIM LTD. is a company registered in England & Wales. Company number 9550219

You may not think you can afford to engage a PR company,  but we would like to challenge that thought...

The  marketing  AIM  difference is the highly tailored solutions to suit your needs, profile and budget - PR programmes, content marketing, social media or advertising.

With many established agencies you will be paying for staff that will not be working on your marketing/PR, they will also be paying for swanky offices, insurance and a whole host of other supporting cast and equipment that are not directly related to the relationship between the agency and you, the client. At  marketing  AIM  we have kept overheads to a minimum and in doing so ensure you get the best value for money...often over 50% less than what you would be charged from even a moderately small agency. When it comes to your return on investment, you cannot do better.

Anything outside the scope of  marketing AIM's core expertise will be catered for by specialists that will only be brought in when and if required; a virtual agency means it is elastic, expanding or contracting to fulfil your needs. In doing so, we can adapt any programme, along with upfront and transparent costings so you know what you are paying for.

No matter your requirements we will endeavour to fulfil it and to ensure we do, we offer ad-hoc content marketing and PR menus to allow you to pick the content to meet your budget or marketing mix targets. When others only offer locked in contracts to pay for the extraneous overheads, we can offer one-off projects to keep your budget under control.

If you want full PR/marketing programmes then we will devise an ongoing plan, but with the  marketing  AIM will not be paying for time that other PR companies charge you for administrating and billing of your account: you will only be charged for the PR/marketing content work we do for you.



For your PR, marketing and sales needs:
Ad-hoc to integrated campaigns
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