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Integrating traditional with the new

Fresh ideas: Integrating social media with marketing content and online/printed press coverage.

Adjective: forward-thinking; favouring innovation and development; progressive.

"a forward-looking company"

Synonyms: progressive, enlightened, go-ahead, dynamic, bold, modern, enterprising, ambitious, pioneering

It's not a question of just being forward 'thinking', its what you do with that vision...

So many fail to capitalise on developing a full campaign that includes social media with compelling and engaging content. You may hear justifications such as, “You see, here's your press release linked from this twitter account and here on LinkedIn”. If your PR agency is fobbing you off with that line, sorry, it isn't good enough. There really is so much more you can be doing.

To maximise your presence you must engage your audience and even better if you can provoke discussion. It can be instructional, funny or even controversial, but you have to match the content to the audience and get them involved. Yes, the various social media funnels may be picked up by journalists, but you must also be prepared to start having real two-way conversations...unfortunately many PRs are just not equipped to do this. To leverage the opportunity that the different audiences served by the various social media outlets means "one size does not fit all". Building up your followers and audience is not done overnight. Thought provoking blogs on LinkedIn and cross referencing to technical dialogue on Twitter (and vice versa) that points to your own blog page is a start, but once you start you need to keep to a regular timetable; such as a LinkedIn blog Tuesday, technical Twitter bullet Wednesday and a fun piece for Facebook on Friday for the weekend. All this takes effort, so let us do it for you.

Cross referencing all the PR channels creates a virtual net to capture an audience, ultimately raising your company profile and in turn drive traffic to your website. If you are running the free Google Analytics (or any one of the growing analytic/tracking software available, free or paid) on your website you can start seeing the profile of that audience...further enabling you to tailor your content and how your visitors interact. You can't beat customer insight, even if much of it is anonymous – there are ways to see who is visiting and what pages holds their interest, especially if you are sending out email newsletters or undertaking general direct email outreach programmes.

Don't forget though, social media presence needs to be backed by more traditional avenues of reaching your target audience to build that all important credibility and authority within your market: newspapers and magazines (online and in print) still provides that foundation. Procurement cycles in companies may mean different levels of management and different levels of engagement...just remember, not every financial director has time or an inclination to follow your tweets!

There is a lot of hype about social media and for many companies a presence maybe vital, at least as an additional PR/marketing channel, however it may not be right for some. Don't be hoodwinked into paying for a social media campaign if it is not right for you. A lot of social media followers you often find are your peers and therefore not really your target audience. For those that see it as a key to their marketing....there is so much more you can do with the whole online digital experience.

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