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MARKETING AIM LTD. is a company registered in England & Wales. Company number 9550219

* Yes, we will develop and deliver a PR/marketing plan free of charge, with no obligation to use  marketing  AIM. The only proviso is that our client work comes first and depending on capacity at the time, we reserve the right to be selective and will also refuse if there is any conflict of interest.

Client strategy, for free...
When was the last time your agency gave you: a full, integrated PR and marketing plan complete with action points and responsibilities?

No really, when was the last time? Please, a Powerpoint presentation that looks similar to that used in pitching for your business can hardly count.  If you got one, how much did your PR/marketing company charge you for it?

This may be a risky strategy for some, but not us:  marketing  AIM  will develop a plan for you absolutely free!*
Obviously it is a loss-leader, but we are so confident that we understand your business and your market that you will want us to action the plan we develop. It is as simple as that. There is no obligation, but the fact you may be considering it shows we have struck a chord...and that in itself proves we make an impact; this time for us, but it could so easily be for you and your business!

Over 23 years 'we' have been involved in developing plans from one-off actions, designed to overcome particular problems, through to writing and delivering global PR/marketing blueprints to multinationals.

Client strategies can only be developed when you know their business, their products/services, their market and more importantly their aspirations. Can you say your current PR/marketing company engagement truly understands?

You will be pleasantly surprised at what we can do for you and we may identify where you need to strengthen, yet it wont cost you a thing; just a little of your time and the first step is to get-in-touch!