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The 70s/80s management consultants 9-dot challenge is often use to describe thinking “outside the box”, as many people feel constrained the solution cannot be beyond the outer 8-dots. Why? Now thirty to forty years on we have to go well beyond lateral thinking as we have to incorporate multiple channels, with different audiences and therefore different messages that all have to be tied together to provide you the best opportunities. Also you may be surprised that PR may offer a solution to a business problem, as the case study Acorn to Trunk's not just thinking outside the box, its going well beyond the box.

Whatever the challenge,
marketing AIM  will get your message across.

Proven innovation
The 9 dot challenge solution:
going beyond the box
Delivering innovative PR strategies to achieve your goals, your message will get across.

It's probably true that all PR companies will state they are innovative and may offer a few examples as proof points. marketing  AIM has its own, such as the whisper campaign that saved one company millions (from Acorn to Trunk) – this one example though, clearly demonstrates how PR can solve a problem and achieve a goal well beyond traditional thinking.

With PR programmes, it's about knowing the audience, creating sound-bites and providing continual commentary to your market; it's being proactive. We know you haven't time to keep tabs on all the relevant news or provide responses and that's where we come in. We become part of your team, an extension to your company. After initial consultation we will develop key messages and “canned quotes” for your various market sectors. When stories in your market sectors appear then just leave it to us to communicate your response, your message. We ensure you'll get your voice.

Being proactive is key in getting you or your company involved in the big debates and opportunities. However, opportunities are often missed when a negative story hits the press and there is an air of the “untouchables” about it...yet, these stories provide a superb chance to develop favourable coverage by making you or your company as an industry spokesperson and the voice-of-reason! There are many examples where a negative story can have an incredibly positive outcome for your company, often driving traffic to your online presence (such as your blogs or website).

The original 9 dot challenge:
connect all the dots using
4 continuous straight lines
without going back on yourself.